Why women need to invest even they feel not ready?

Good day to all the courageous and diligent women out there! 

Today’s blog post is all about you. 

That’s right – we’re diving into the world of women investors. 

Investing is a crucial part of financial stability, and it’s an area where women are making a substantial impact. 


Let’s start with a basic understanding of investing. 

Investing is all about putting your money into various types of assets with the hope that they will grow in value over time. 

These assets could be anything from stocks and mutual funds to bonds and real estate. 

So, what’s the connection between investing and women, you ask?

Well, a significant shift is happening in the financial markets. 

More and more, we’re seeing increases in female investors who are confidently investing in a variety of assets. 

They range from modern-day working women to baby boomers, from American women to European women – it truly is a global movement. 

Moreover, international investment firms like Goldman Sachs, BNY Mellon, and Morgan Stanley are recognizing women’s rising influence and are keen to embrace and encourage their involvement in the investment world. 

Incredibly, Fidelity Investments, a renowned American multinational financial services corporation, reports that women’s investment portfolios often outperform men’s portfolios!

This isn’t just about the power of female intuition. 

It’s about strategy, diligent research, and financial assets management. 

But hold on a minute. 

Before you dive into investing, it’s crucial to understand the idea behind investment goals. 

These are the financial goals you aim to achieve in life, such as saving for retirement, buying a home, or ensuring your financial security in the event of an emergency. 

An investment strategy is an essential part of achieving these goals. 

Every smart investor has a strategy – an investment game plan.

Whether you’re investing in mutual funds for your retirement, or in stock markets for quick returns, it helps to be fully aware of your financial situation and investment risks involved. 

Investment companies and financial advisors, like those at Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research or Pacific Investment Management Company, LLC (PIMCO), can provide invaluable advice in planning your investment strategy. 

It’s especially important for women to be proactive about investing due to gender disparities in pay and longer life expectancies compared to men. 

These factors, along with others, contribute to what’s known as the Gender Investing Gap.

Interestingly, the National Institute on Retirement Security reports that American women are 80% more likely than men to be impoverished in retirement. 

So where does one start? 

Perhaps you could begin by establishing an emergency fund. 

Respected sources like Fidelity Viewpoints or your trusted financial advisor could guide you in these initial investment decisions. 

Or you could consider impact investing – investing in companies, organizations, and funds with the aim to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return. 

Remember, it’s not just about making money.

Investing is also about securing your financial future and reaching your life goals. 

Plus, it’s a powerful way for women to elevate themselves, their families, and their communities. 

In fact, a report from the Federal Reserve Board shows how women’s economic power and earnings power are increasing steadily.

It’s crucial that women, including those who might be caring for elderly parents or managing multiple roles, are included in these financial progressions. 

The financial industry must adapt to these changes, providing services and products that align with women’s needs. 

More and more, we’re seeing women securing corporate board seats in diverse industries, influencing not just companies but entire markets. 

Moreover, women investors from different corners of the world, like Indian women, Austrian women, and even those in Hong Kong, are playing an increasingly significant role in shaping global trade and investment scenes.

Ladies, it’s clear that our investment potential is limitless.

And so, let’s dedicate today’s blog post to celebrating women’s empowerment – our financial security, our investment abilities, and our increasingly prominent role in global finance. 

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Women are shaping the world of investing, and it couldn’t be more exciting. 

So, let’s continue to learn, invest, and grow, today and every day. Drinks up to all the fabulous women investors everywhere!

Updated on August 23rd, 2023
by Kelvin Lee

I’m an experienced banking professional specializing in stopping financial crimes like money laundering.

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