Top 10 part-time jobs for extra income

Businesswoman present on white board with phrase of looking for part-time job
Businesswoman present on white board with phrase of looking for part-time job

Are you interested in making some extra income? Or maybe you wish to leverage your free time by doing something productive? No matter what your motive is, it’s always a great idea to explore part-time jobs that can bring in a substantial income. Here we outline several lucrative part-time jobs you can explore for some extra income.

1. Bookkeeping – If you have an accounting background from school or previous experience in bookkeeping, starting a bookkeeping business can be a lucrative part-time job. Many small business owners do not have the time or skill to manage their finances, so your expertise would certainly come in handy.

2. Pet Sitting or Dog Walking – Do you enjoy spending time with pets? Then being a pet sitter could be a great job for you. Many pet owners are often on the lookout for trusted people to take care of their precious pets while they’re at work or on vacation. To get started in this field, you can offer your services directly to neighbors or register with online platforms that link sitters with pet owners.

3. Babysitting – While formal qualifications aren’t always necessary, having them can give you an edge. Taking care of kids in their parents’ absence can be both rewarding and profitable.

4. Software Testing – If you’re tech-savvy, testing software and websites could earn you up to US$100,000 annually. A grasp of programming is beneficial for providing valuable feedback.

5. Travel Guide and Hosting – Leveraging platforms like Airbnb, you can combine hosting travelers with other skills like writing or design for increased income potential.

6. Home Improvement Jobs – With a shortage of skilled tradespeople, tasks like plumbing and carpentry can fetch substantial earnings, potentially up to US$55,000 per year.

7. Administrative Assistant – Ideal for those with good organizational and communication skills, this role involves tasks like data entry, booking, and phone management.

8. Virtual Assistant – Among the most popular part-time jobs for extra income is the role of a Virtual Assistant. This job involves carrying out a variety of administrative tasks to assist business owners and executives. Tasks often involve scheduling appointments, managing emails, maintaining social media accounts, and sometimes, supporting content marketing by posting and managing content on websites and blogs. Joining a well-established virtual assistant company or offering your services independently are both good options. What’s essential is a reliable internet connection, excellent communication skills, and, in some cases, a bit of previous work experience.

9. Freelance writing – Freelance writing is yet another lucrative part-time job for people with a knack for creating high-quality content. Companies, irrespective of their size, require content for their websites and social media platforms. As a freelance writer, you could find work with internet companies, providing them with important content. This work grants you the flexibility to choose your hours and rates. If you possess good writing skills and can create engaging content, then this could be just your field!

10. Social Media Manager – Are you good at feeding social media feeds? If so, then consider diving into Social Media Marketing. Your tasks could range from handling companies’ social media accounts, creating posts, devising marketing strategies, to running ads. Businesses across the globe rely heavily on social media for their growth, making this a viable and exciting area to generate extra income.

Finding a lucrative part-time job depends on your skill set, background, and how much time you have to spare. Regardless of your situation, the increasing internet accessibility and digital evolution have opened up numerous opportunities. Whether you’re a student looking to pay off loans, a working individual looking for some extra income, or a retired professional seeking to continue working at a flexible pace: lucrative part-time jobs definitely deserve a look!

Updated on August 8th, 2023
by Kelvin Lee

I’m an experienced banking professional specializing in stopping financial crimes like money laundering.

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